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My baby 17 months on.  Not so new but a dirty baby!  Most of the mud has accumulated from riding to and from work

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-02-06389

Detail of the dirty rear hub and stays

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-02-06394

Detail of the dirty rear hub and stays.  One job I need to do very soon is increase the clearance between the wheels and mudguards.  The clearance was OK for Tourguard tyres but even through there replacement are the same nominal size they come out larger.

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-02-06395

Detail of the dirty front wheel and forks.  The front light gets washed on a regualr basis to improve night vision.

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-02-06391

One job I did at the start of this winter was change the rear light fittings so I could mount two LED lights one above the others as I was continually breaking them when mounted as per original fitting side by side.  I used a Thorn rear rack fitting light bracket, single with a Thorn SUPERLIGHT SHALLOW rear rack fitting light bracket, single, bolted onto it with a countersunk bolt, after drilling 2 holes in each bracket.  The top light sticks above the rack a bit, but that is no problem as it does not get into the way of the type of loads I carry.

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-02-06381 (L)

ID 2006-01-02-06383 (R)

It must be love- Ann offers to and actually cleans my bike!

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-08-06493 (L)

ID 2006-01-08-06495 (R)


The end result a nice clean frame as well as wheels.

ęStephen Dee

ID 2006-01-08-06497


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