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A Day in the Alpes

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2007 Review

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We woke to a nice day so we had a drive into the Hautes-Alpes.  We drove into Grenoble via the the Pretty route through the Vercors, to get some a picnic lunch.  Then we headed down the N91 towards Briançon.  This is a view of the Montagne de Lans which run north south from Grenoble.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23166

As the N91 turned east the mountains became more dramatic.  This is the view of Gorges de la Romanche from Vallée de la Romanche near Gavet.  At this point the road was at 402m.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23169

Looking E along the N91, at La Paute (la Lignarre), height of road 720m.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23177

Looking N or rather W along the N91, from Le Bourg d'Oisans.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23183

From le Bourg d'Oisans, we left the N91 and headed up the D211. 

A view looking down from the top towards Bourg d'Oisans.  The Valley floor is at 720m, 1100m below. 

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23211

D211 has 21 hairpins.  Each one has a plaque commemorating Tour de France stage winners.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23247


The top of D211 is Alpe-d'Huez, which has been used many times as a stage finish or mountain time trial stage for the Tour de France.  Alpe-d'Huez is a ski resort which in the summer makes the most of its la Tour connections.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23206

We drove up to Alpe-d-Huez, it took us longer then many la Tour stage winners.  We did it in 45 min, The record by Pantani is 37 mins.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23236

Whilst in Grenoble, altitude 200m, we brought a plastic bottle of salad dressing and a sealed bag of salad.  At top of Alpe-d’Huez, 1850 m (6069 feet) Ceri learnt some very important basic Physics, air pressure drops with altitude and bags of salad brought at 200m expands to bursting point and the bottle of salad dressing exploded when taken a mile higher.  I off course had to drum up to check the impact of reduced pressure on my ability to brew.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23189

View looking towards the ski slopes of Alpe-d'Huez.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23190

View looking east from Alpe-d'Huez to the glaciers of massif des Ecrins.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23241

View looking east across Lac du Chambon from the Barrage du Chambon

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-09-23259

The church at Mizoën, over looking Lac du Chambon.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-09-23261

On the N91 there were a number of places indicating the status of the local cols and other routes.  The routes get closed due to landslides any time of the year as well as snow drifts in the winter.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-09-23293

Near Col du Lautaret the Romanche valley turned away from the N91, this is a view looking south down the Romanche valley towards its source with the Pic de Neige Cordier (3613m) in the background.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-09-23296


Col du Lautaret, 2058m (6752 feet).  I wanted to go a bit further up to the Col du Galibier (2642m), which was up a departmental road heading up the mountain in the background.  However as it was getting late in the afternoon so we gave it a miss - I will have to go back again but with my bike.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23315

Looking east along the N91 from Col du Lautaret towards Briançon.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23308

The Romanche river near le Grand Clôt, Combe de Malaval

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23329

Looking east back along the Romanche valley from Porte Romaine, our last stop on the way back to Pont-en-Royans via Grenoble. We chose a good day for our drive into the High Alpes.  That was on the Monday and after that the weather deteriorated.  On the Friday the headline in the local paper was "Hiver en août" (Winter in August) as it snowed in the Alpes on the Thursday.

©Stephen Dee

ID 2007-08-06-23349

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