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Having arrived at the tandem rally a day early, we along with others helped out in reception.  Ceri-Siân is in the background sorting out the tee shirts.

İStephen Dee

23 July 2005 ID P7234991

The first Saturday of the rally was a nice day.  However I am not in to hand washing, so I asked the local football team who were training, where the nearest laundrette was.  I was told in Aarup, about 5 miles way.  11 miles later I arrived in Aarup on my bike with a weeks worth of washing for two, only to find the laundrette had closed 3 years ago.  So I ended up buying a box of soap powder and resorted to hand washing. 

İStephen Dee

23 July 2005 ID P7234994

The rally was held at the Tommerup Stationsby football club.  One advantage was that there were several pairs of goal posts, including one behind were we camped which made useful washing lines and cycle park.  The only problem was, our goal posts was sheltered from the wind so the washing did not dry very well.  I had washed my pyjamas, and they were still damp, so I put theory to test and wore them to bed.  They soon dried in the night!

İStephen Dee

23 July 2005 ID P7234997

Saturday evening there was an official welcome by the mayor of Tommerup.  She is seen on the balcony of the football club house giving  her welcoming address along with David Holman and Lars Fribo who co-organised the rally.

İStephen Dee

23 July 2005 ID P7235002

The rally attendees listen to the welcoming speeches and domestic announcements.

İStephen Dee

23 July 2005 ID P7235004

Sundays ride look us into Aarup.  The station had been modernised recently and there was a very nice tiled mural on the station wall.  It is not what one expects to see on a modern functional building of a "local unstaffed" railway station.

İStephen Dee

24 July 2005 ID P7245017

From Aarup we headed through Sandager to Assens on the coast.  We had started as large group with several families.  However for various reasons the group split up, and Ceri-Siân rode off with Carwyn and Megan Davies, leaving their mum and dad miles behind, as they had a puncture.  It was hard work catching Ceri-Siân up.  Just behind are Pat and Mike Strauss who caught us up.

İStephen Dee

24 July 2005 ID P7245018


We rode in to Assens, had lunch, and waited and waited for Megan and Carwyn's mum and dad to catch up.   In the end we gave up waiting as we had heard they had taken the wrong choice in trying to take a short cut and catch up with us.  We eventually met up with them as we were heading out of Assens.  As they had not had lunch we had a second lunch and brew up in a bus shelter at Gamtofte.  What struck us is that many bus stops had cycle racks by them.  The oyster shell bus shelter was also a common feature in many Danish towns and villages.

İStephen Dee

24 July 2005 ID P7245027


Back at the rally site, Hywel and Jackie Davies sort out the back wheel to their tandem following their earlier puncture.

İStephen Dee

24 July 2005 ID P7245039

Most mornings there was a kids club and Ceri-Siân helped out.  Here she is assisting in an origami session.

İStephen Dee

25 July 2005 ID P7255044


The fruits of the kids labour.  Lots of flags painted some real, others imaginary.

İStephen Dee

25 July2005 ID P7255053


Monday I played "loco parentis" to Megan and Carwyn Davies whilst their mum and dad sorted out their tandem back wheel - it needed a new tyre.  Our ride first took us to Krengerup where there was a stately home with a road running through its court yard and across the end of its  front lawn.  You went through one arch,  

İStephen Dee

25 July 2005 ID P7255059


Then you went through a second arch.

İStephen Dee

25 July 2005 ID P7255071


And finally you went through the third arch! 

İStephen Dee

25 July 2004 ID P7255066

The stately home or this is where we normally live!  From the

İStephen Dee

25 July 2005 ID P7255063


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