Ann and Ceri-Siān have a happy event!

The patter of little feet can be heard at Romway Close!


Ann and Ceri-Siān had a happy event on Sunday 10th Jan when they took delivery of the patter of little feet.  Ann is seen with her baby Honey, next to Ceri-Siān with her baby Marmyte.

©Stephen Dee

10 Jan 2005 ID P1101115

Ann and Ceri-Siān were not impressed by my naming of the two babies - Sweet and Sour.  Sweet (Ann's Honey) is the light grey one and Sour (Ceri-Siān's Marmyte) is the bark brown one.

Stephen Dee

10 Jan 2005 ID P1101104

Sour (Ceri-Siān's Marmyte).  Note the nappy as required by all babies.

Stephen Dee

10 Jan 2005 ID P1101111

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