Team Triplet Photo Review 2000


Ceri and her fellow champions in the Tandem Club Hill this year.  Hannah won fastest Ladies with her mum, Thomas fastest Men with his dad.  They are seen here relaxing at our lunch stop after the hill climb.  The hill climb was in Lincolnshire - yes there are hills there.

©Stephen Dee

26 Feb 2000 ID S20000226327

Mayday weekend we camped at Blaxhall with the Tandem Club.  On the Saturday we rode to Felixstowe and returned via the Ferry.  The ferryman did a roaring trade that day with tandems.

©Stephen Dee

29 April 2000 ID S20000429331

Spring Bank Holiday week we went to Tandem 2000 at Cheddar.  Ceri-Si‚n trip over on the Thursday and broke a bone in her right foot.  In addition Eammon Postlethwaite broke his arm when he fell off a slide.  

©Stephen Dee

2 Jun 2000 ID S20000602413

In the Summer our main Holiday was to The Harz mountains and the Tandem International in Bavaria.  Before getting the ferry from Dover we camped at Folkestone Warren.  Here is Ann and Ceri-Si‚n getting lost amongst the long grass.

©Stephen Dee

21 July 2000 ID S20000721103

In the Harz we stayed a camp site at Walkenried.  Here is Ceri-Si‚n riding her half bike around the village.   

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2000 ID S20000726416

Just on the outskirts of Walkenrield were these nice straw people.

©Stephen Dee

26 July 2000 ID S20000726419

The main reason fro spending a week in the Harz was the metre gauged Harzquerbahn system.  Our first trip was from Nordhausen up to the top of the Brocken, the highest point in the Harz mountains.  In the days of the cold war this was the forbidden land of the Eastern Block  

©Stephen Dee

24 July 2000 ID S200000724307

In order to do the whole system Ceri-Si‚n and I had to take a little trip on the railcar from Niedersachswefen to Stiege and back.  Even thou we were less then a few miles from the border - English was not spoken anywhere, even on the former western side of the Harz as the English do not go that part of Germany.  We had great difficulty in explaining to the train driver/guard/ticket collector etc that we wanted to go on train to the end and come back immediately!.  In the end he shrugged his shoulders and we had a free ride.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2000 ID S20000727630

After the Harz we headed south for the Tandem Club international Rally at Wirsberg in Bavaria.  On the first evening the village provided a welcome with children dressed in national dress.  Here is Ceri-Si‚n and with Hannah Payton and Brumhead posing with the young ladies of Wirsberg.

©Stephen Dee

29 July 2000 ID S20000729733

Ceri and I took an active part in the Kinder Programme at the Tandem Club International Rally.  Ceri had sneaked off and had ago at this without asking her Mum or Dad - she was afraid we would say no as only 3 months previously she broke a bone in her foot.

©Stephen Dee

27 July 2000 ID S20000729732

This is what happened after the tenth create, I missed the photo, but in true Blue Peter fashion I managed to get one earlier of someone who managed 20 before falling:

©Stephen Dee

29 July 2000 ID S20000729731


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