Market Bosworth Family Tandem Weekend 2004

Photo Review 4 - Sunday morning


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The Braybrooke's "rocket trailer" parked up ready for blast off.

ęStephen Dee (ID7047715)

The Colling family, Tim, Julie, Abigail (at least she's peddling this time!) and Harrison, about to set off on the day's ride.

ęStephen Dee (ID7047716)

OK we have got one child, where are the other 3?  Barry and Nancy Morgan rounding up their brood, Thomas waits patiently for his siblings.  This was at Shackerstone play area.

ęStephen Dee (ID7047718)

Ramona White enjoying the Sunday morning sun.

ęStephen Dee (ID7047726)

Roy White and Ian Elz sorts out the White's Thorn whilst Pauline White and Elizabeth Dunbar take it easy.  Market Bosworth market square.

ęStephen Dee (ID7047728)

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