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Film, Music and Television Answer
A1 What West-End musical is based on Romeo and Juliet? West Side Story
A2 What Film consists of ten very different stories? Love Actually
A3 In 2003, which song spent the longest at number 1? Where Is The Love? Black Eyed Peas
A4 Name 2 movies that a Disney/Pixar has produced.  Finding Nemo, Bug’s life, Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Toy story 2.
A5 Name the Fimbles?   Pom, Fimbo and Florry
A6 Name the Australian band which features on Milkshake (ch.5) in the mornings. 

Hi 5

A7 Who are the CDA in Monster’s Inc.? Child Detection Agency
A8 In Pirates of the Caribbean, who/what was Captain Barbossa searching for?   The last piece of Aztec Gold and Will Turner- the son of Bootstrap Bill
A9 Who lives in the Pink house in Balamory?  Archie
A10 What musical has the characters: Javert, Jean Valjean and Cosette?  Les Mis



People and Animals  
B1 Who is known as ‘The Tiger’? Tim Henman (Tiger Tim)
B2 Who was the Iron Lady? Maggie Thatcher ex PM
B3 Who missed the first penalty, in a penalty shoot out in Euro 2004? David Beckham
B4 What do Johnny Wilkinson, Matt Greenwood, Martin Johnson and Mike Tindal have in common? They all played in the England team for the rugby world cup
B5 Who died from Blue Peter this year? George the Tortoise
B6 Which two celebrities went through to the final of Strictly Come Dancing?  Christopher Parker (Spencer Moon) and Natasha Kaplinsky (BBC Breakfast presenter)
B7 What do Janet Barker, Valerie Singleton and Lesley Judd have in common?  All Blue Peter Presenters
B8 Who packed their trunk and left the circus? Nelly the elephant
B9 What were the surnames of the two ‘Ronnies’? Barker and Corbett
B10 Name the dog, which was given to Gus by Robbie in Eastenders? Wellard





Where do the Wombles live?

Wimbledon Common
C2 What is the town which the organiser’s live in? Shepshed
C3 Margaret, Tony and John all lived at this address, what is it? 10 Downing Street
C4 Which house does Prince Charles live in, when in London? Clarence House
C5 What house does Josie Jump live in? Yellow House/Castle
C6 Where did the mouse live in Old Amsterdam?  In a Windmill
C7 Where is Eastenders’ filmed? Elstree Studios
C8 The Rovers’ Return is in what street? Coronation Street
C9 Who lives at 32 Windsor Gardens?  Paddington Bear, the Brown family and Mrs Bird (The Brown's house keeper).
C10 What is the name of Mr Forgetful’s house?  Forget-Me-Not Cottage



D1 What are you doing if you are using a 48” gear on a tandem? Walking - as 48 inches equals 4 feet!!!!
D2 How many gears does a Rohloff hub? 14 gears
D3 What type of tandem frame does Johnny Helms draw in his cartoons?  Double Diamond
D4 What 1970’s TV programme featured a Triplet?           The Goodies
D5 Name three types of bike which is produced by Thorn? Tandem, Triplet, Half-bikes (solos)

Who in 1948 paid Reynolds to develop and draw the first Tandem specific tube set?

The Taylor brothers or Jack Taylor

D7 What is special about a ‘Brompton’?   It can be folded
D8 To the nearest 10Km, how long is this year’s Tour de France? To the nearest 10Km, how long is this year’s Tour de France? 3 340 (3 395)
D9 The CTC offers several routes for the End to End.  To the nearest 10 miles how far is the B&B route? 1019 (1009 to 1029)
D10 To the Americans it is a Tri-lateral frame, what do we Brits call it? Double marathon


Question This weekend  
E1  How many children have come to this weekend? 53 not counting the 3 very big children camping with their parents!
E2 Who is 4 today? Rachel
E3 What is the Battle of Redemore better known as? Battle of Bosworth
E4 Whose forces camped at Far Cotton? Lord Stanley
E5 How much does it cost a family to go in to Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre? 8.50
E6 What type of right of way goes to the Battlefield Visitor Centre? Bridleway
E7 What was the name of the Children’s entertainer today? Silisosgie, was to entertain, but he was replaced by Chuckle Chops at the last minute.
E8 How many Tandems have come to this event? 27 (including 2 triplets and 1 long burrow (tandem trike)), plus 2 tandem tag trailer bikes
E9 Where was the crown found after the Battle of Bosworth?  In or under a thorn bush.
E10 According to Shakespeare who says “Here pitch our tent, even here in Bosworth field.”?  King Richard


Question Useless Trivia  
F1 What claim to fame does Norman Painting hold? Longest running soap actor
F2 Which Country has the most national parks? Costa Rica
F3 The start and end of the Rugrats in Paris is a parody of which Oscar winning film from the 70’s?  The Godfather
F4 Who is the richest person in the world? Bill Gates
F5 In the word photograph, if you replace the ph with f, how much of the original word remains? 60%
F6 If you wrote out all the numbers, which one will be the first to have an ‘a’ in it? One thousand
F7 What is the shortest sentence in the English language? I am
F8 What do bullet-proof vests, fire escapes and laser printers have in common? They were invented by women
F9 What is the only food that doesn’t spoil? Honey
F10 Where in the UK would you find The Knockin Shop? Knockin, Shropshire, its the name of the village shop.  (A perfectly innocent question for a family quiz, at least one family thought otherwise!)


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