Market Bosworth Family Tandem Weekend 2002

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The Payton's cooking their Friday evening meal.  Thomas is getting ready to put the kettle on, whilst Hanna helps her dad cook.  Kevin was one of two fathers who cycled camped with their children to the event, although they only cycled there, but got a lift back.

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Friday we had typical Bosworth weather to start the weekend, occasional heavy showers, as can be seen by the umbrella.  Despite this Ceri-Siân pressed on with her live "Name that tune" competition.

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Skipping with a long rope.  A great form of entertainment for kids and adults alike.  Caroline Jeffery and Ceri-Siân turning the rope.  A skipping rope is great for rides, especially when cycle camping as it takes up no room and can be used for other purposes.

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Tom, Chris, Jane and Libby Sherwood enjoying the morning sun.

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Three generations of the Taylor family - taking 5 on the Saturday ride at Heather.

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David Holman finding that a two legged stand is useful when you have a puncture..

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Peter Holman thinking "if I  lighten the load perhaps daddy won't get so many punctures!".

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Location Donisthorpe by War Memorial play park.



A Jack Taylor triplet resting at Moria Furnace adventure playground.  This was one of 4 triplets that came to the event.

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Yours truly assisting Mr Crackers in the entertainment.

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Sam Barnett assisting Mr Crackers in the entertainment.

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Its behind you!  The kids join in the fun..

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The late arrivals look hot and bothered!.  Helen and Lynda Rowe, Zoe, Granny, Chris and Marion Bowen.  Despite the wet start on the Friday, both the Saturday and Sunday were gloriously hot as can been from Chris.

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? Family enjoying Sunday breakfast.

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Ceri-Siân, Natalie, Katie and Duncan Carthy, Martin, Philip and Stephanie Jeffery about to set of on a shirt ride to Bosworth Battlefield.  The Carthy's cycled camped both ways from Burton upon Trent, and where still keen enough to cycle in the opposite direction before heading home.

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